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“The New world offered the vision of a limitless future that gleamed more brightly against the constraint, dissatisfaction, and turmoil being left behind. A promise genuinely promising” 

According to the late writer, Toni Morrison




I am presenting the work of African American literature. Poetry is a way to speak and express the work of our culture. African Americans are facing injustice and are taken into the hole of defeat because of the color of their skin.  Art and literature together brings deep meaningful approaches on spreading the motivation and beauty of our people of color.

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Justice for George Floyd

Here we go

Once again

You killed and won again

Or maybe Justice will come

Now that's a hope and a passion that kept being denied

Battered us in crime

Mixed us into extinction

and yet we do the time

Here we go again

Now this time shot for dead

Choked and bled

Slammed to an end

Yet we hold this passion in a world with injustice

Yes, no justice

Left for nothing

In this world we are supposed to remain quiet

and let my family be in the risk of dying

In a murderous world and a nightmare that keeps us awake

and a tear that only dries

a last gasp of air…

But aye at least you survived

But for me

Surviving is an enterprise

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