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Long Life of The Seed


Life is interesting 

It's like a seed destined to grow

But does it? Will it?

Like a bullet that destroys and kills it

Like the nightmare that took my soul just to spill it

Like the wind that grabs it and steals it?

Look… life

It's one interesting seed

The seed that brings out the interest

Until yet it makes its dream

Yet, the seed may grow 

Or yet, the seed may die may stream

Or yet gleam

The seed is an instrument

That plays the notes of a minor key

Or maybe a major key

This seed won’t choose and now it's lying to me!

Grow so you won’t have to try with me

You try me? The seed and you would hide from me

Despite of me

The roots, that surprises me

Barely recognizes me

Anger Anger all in rage

Anger full of rage

The rage is full of anger

As the anger refills the rage

Drop drop

Tears are dropping

From the anger non-stopping

You don't understand

No you don't

You can't comprehend

But I can't explain, no hope at all

I cant blame 

I cant blame

Down in shame into pain

Down to work

always a good sport

Free me now, free me now

My soul haves me now

It's always had me

My hope is letting go 

As my colors shade away

Its all now drawn in gray

Confessions hurt

But it's part of a game

That game continues as ones say

You tell a lie and don't proclaim

The game won't stop

It's like a forever going maze

Let's have the game stopped

Yes please proclaim

Yes please no shame

Then forever no game

Anger and Rage

Power of the Black Man

The black man is powerful. 

That’s why they get treated as one of the worst

It’s sad 

it’s true when it shouldn’t 

Don’t fear that black man

As black man don’t fear you

Don’t fear that black skin

Don’t hurt that black child

Don’t arrest him

No harm 

Just...Only living 

What some may call


No... that’s not right

I live 



I live because I thrive?


Why do I question my worth

That I deserve...

Why does my worth feel undeserved?

Once again 

I’m unheard

Lost Tree

I remember like it was yesterday 

Maybe it was.. maybe it was today

The words

They’ve always got to me 

Shot to me. Non stop to me

I stopped trying

I accepted the loneliness

The cold 

The wind as sorrow blown

The inner joy I purposely hold

The majestic passion I’ve let go

As it left the bloomed tree

I’ve decided to not hold

Maybe one day I will truly grow

Grow into the breathtaking beauty 

I thought never existed 

I exist

Now I must grow

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My name is a way you can look at 

It’s a unique way of spelling that people can't comprehend 

My name is a calling when I am needed

My name brings the specialty that I feel and need

My name starts with the letter R like roses around rivers

My name can be insane 

Depending how’s It’s been said

 My name shouts a lot of different names

as people say it out loud

My name has its own beauty no one sees

Except for me

 My name can be interesting

My name means a key

My name unlocks unknown doors

My name is powerful

My name creates who I am and who I am meant to be

My name my name

It can mean the word of sadness

The despite in the world

Ready to be thrown out

My name is a chill you catch from wind

My name is loved yet shattered

from pieces above

My name haves the sound of naee as a horse speaks

My name is different, but yet its me

My name is who you would call for a friend 

Don’t let its looks discourage you 

Let its looks make in you

for how and who you are

Make the tone of its vowels flow

Make the ending have a hold

Take the time to give its powerful blow

My name has many things in brain

Sometimes It’s in pain with a pinch of shame

 The name hasn’t made it quite to the shame 

Because it's hiding it away

My name is running

but you find its letters in a well

Hoping their wishes come true

My name comes alive

Some days It lies down, then picks itself up

My name don't quit

Each syllable is like a beat of a heart beat

Each sound is a melody in one’s ears

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This Thing Called Knowledge 


This thing called knowledge 

Something my people don’t have

Or should of had

I mean could of had

But these systems that were created brought up bad…

They Blinded Us

Twinded Us

Instead of giving us equal opportunities they played mind games with us

I’m short on trust

How can I when that police is aiming that gun?

They've weakened us

Now we relying on money and drugs

Look at us

Our youth out here selling drugs

Being the “Thug” they’ve  wanted us to be

The American without the Dream

The Republican that said “forget a team”

The White man that gives us the green light opportunity

Or was it when they killed that Black boy for their opportunity?

Or when They stole our Native Tongue

Or Stolen the lives of our Divine Leaders

Or The Work of Our People

Maybe we can work together 

flip it and reverse it

But the Laws…

Fuck them! Flip it!

and Lets Win!

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This thing called knowledge is taken away

Now my people say its too late

But guess what

You Have Power

But of course you can’t see that through the Black skin of Pain and Doubt

Left without knowing what life was really about

But guess what

It’s not too late

For this power of knowledge

Grows and Recreates 

Pushes and Never Breaks

Shines and Forever Plays

This knowledge is so hidden

It takes Encouragement and Love

That wasn’t offer to us from the start

We were broken and now we depart

But this thing called knowledge is giving us the chance to see through the unethical truths about America

We must Renew this America

Up move this America

This place 

We call…


Together Born


Hey Soul sister

Yes, I’m here

And living for you

Dancing for you

And learning the truth

The life you lived

brought Unfixed wounds

The wounds I can’t fulfill

But I will fill

The wounds that remain shut 

And you get ill

But sister I must remain your Pill

The healer of love

The healer of angels

The healer of truth

For me and you

The Unforgotten dreams

The taken opportunities

The words of neglect

And the sorrows of trust

But I must Brush

And be your unforgotten Touch 

For I will continue the Knowledge and journey

For you and I

Would be destined to our

Far reaching


Drowned seeking



                                          Untold Truth


A little girl with an untold story

An unknown truth

and the untold scars

The unforgotten touches

and the unforgotten marks as the blood leaks

It no longer bleeds…

For it flows into a River of Gold

Yes, that's the untold

Only the little girl truly knows

She knows the unknown

The unknown unlocks the truth and the truth defeats the real

As it rains into lies

But I keep that in mind

No more lies for lies come to truth

Now I must uproot and awake

From this tale

A tale of realness

and the tale of truth

The truth never ends as the soul up rises

It always surprises

The untold is hidden

As the clouds strike lighting

Left a body unfrighten

Cold, yet tighten Just hold on

Don’t fall

But it's already too late

Blood and All

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